3 Best 3D Printer under 500

3 best 3d printer under 500

Buying a best 3d printer under 500 is the surefire way for anyone who is looking to enter the waters of 3D Printing technology.

My advice for anybody new to 3D printing and looking to buy one is to first go and look from cheap 3D printers. Not only does that save money, it also creates an opportunity to really explore the details of the printer without the risk of meddling with an expensive 3D Printer.

Further, for those who like to see the printer in closer detail, I would suggest to go for a 3D Printer which you can assemble on your own. This would give good hands on experience with the printer and help understand the different parts that go into making one. It would also help in overall troubleshooting, when required.

Of course, assembling a 3D printer altogether from a DIY kit calls for spending some time and a few trial & errors but it is worth the effort. But for those who don’t want to get into these hassles of assembling a printer on your own, there is another cheap choice, too.

This article is intended to serve as a guide to those who are on the look out for the best, cheap 3D printer to start their 3D printing journey. The ground rule in this roundup is “being cheap does not necessarily mean “cutting corners for quality”. So these best 3d printer under 500 have passed the quality review first.

How best 3d printer under 500 selected?

It is an overwhelming task to choose the best 3d printer under 500 from the ever growing list of options.

Having all the individual reviews well researched does not amount to much as long as it is not helping the people who are looking for the best product within a specific price range.

This particular roundup was done to help those who prefer not spending time wading through each of the detailed reviews first to select the best but would prefer to select from the top 3 of them in the price range.

Not everyone enjoys hours of comparison shopping and there are few – like my brother – who prefer to make a quick choice from a list of the top 3 brands.

These best 3d printer under 500 were selected considering the following criteria to help buyers.

  1. Printers costing below $500.
  2. Have good reputation in the market for the quality
  3. At least one enclosed and one open type printer to be included to cover both preferences.
  4. At least one Pre-assembled and one DIY kit to be selected for choice.
  5. Have more than 3.5 rating
  6. Reviewed by more than 5 previous buyers.
  7. Available online for quick purchase.

The above criteria is good enough to refine from the pool of cheap 3D Printers to a list people should not be hesitant to choose from. Finding 3 cheap 3D printers below $500 with large number of reviews was not possible and sensible so we had to lower our bar a little to accommodate the best possible. The recommendation for purchase is in the order of the overall rating of the product.

So here is the short list of top three cheap 3D Printers.

Rank3D PrinterBest PriceNeed for assemblyPrinting materialEnclosed build?
1XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0

Click to see today’s priceNoABSYes
2Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit

Click to see today’s price

(Can print ABS with heat bed upgrade)
3TwoUp 3D Printer Kit

Click to see today’s priceYesPLA

(Can print ABS and Nylon with heat bed upgrade)

The above table is only for quick reference. The features of these printers in detail are given below.

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer - best 3d printer under 500

The XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 is a versatile 3D printer which is both aesthetic pleasing and professional in action. Being one of the most selling 3D printers due to its attractive cost including the bundled features, a closer look is what you need before deciding.

Key features

  • Fully enclosed printer
  • 8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches – 475 cubic inches of build volume
  • 100 microns minimum layer thickness
  • 60-120 mm/sec print speed
  • Single Nozzle of 0.4 mm size
  • Heated platform in-built
  • Optimized for ABS printing
  • USB port for connectivity
  • Proprietary filament only to be used

Read Full report here

Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit

Printrbot Simple Maker's Kit - best 3d printer under 500

The Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit is by far the best DIY 3D printer kit available on the market. It has a huge support group online to guide you right from the assembly to operating the printer effectively. Some of the main features of this printer are given below.

Key features

  • Open type printer – no enclosure
  • All included DIY kit
  • 4 x 4 x 4 inches – 64 cubic inches build volume
  • 100 microns minimum layer thickness
  • Print speed up to 60 mm / sec
  • Single nozzle of 0.4 mm size
  • Ambient bed
  • Printer optimized for PLA but with heated bed upgrade you can print ABS too
  • Micro-USB and SD card for connectivity
  • Large customer and user support forums for help
  • Any branded filaments can be used
  • Opensource software – Reptier or Cura

Read Full report here

TwoUp 3D Printer Kit

TwoUp 3D Printer Kit - best 3d printer under 500The TwoUp 3D Printer Kit is a DIY 3D printer kit at highly competitive price with good flexibility for an 3D printing enthusiast to try his skills right from building the printer yourself to printing good quality prints.

Key features

  • Open type printer – no enclosure
  • DIY kit – unassembled
  • 7 x 7 x 5 inches – 245 cubic inches build volume
  • 50 micron minimum layer thickness
  • 60 mm /sec print speed
  • 4 mm diameter nozzle
  • Ambient bed
  • Optimized for PLA but with heated bed upgrade you can print ABS also
  • Works on opensource software – Repetier and Slic3r
  • Any branded filament to print

Read Full report here (Coming soon)


The information given above should be sufficient to make an educated decision on choosing an cheap 3D printer based on your preference. If you are looking for an all inclusive cheap 3D printer, the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer should be the best selection. However if you are looking for a cheap 3D printer DIY kit with open source software and flexibility, the Printrbot Simple maker’s kit is the right choice for you.

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