3D Printer Reviews

Welcome to the very first article of many-to-come useful info about 3D Printer reviews!!

The website is intended to provide complete useful information about 3D Printers and accessories to all design professionals, hobbyists or enthusiasts who believe (like us) that the 3D Printers are going to be game changer in coming future of design and prototyping. This very “additive manufacturing” technique (3D Printing) will open new horizons for the engineering field with lot many options in both optimizing manufacturing cost and providing opportunity to recycling at some cases.

I am an Industrial Engineer by qualification with core design and engineering experience to the high-tech industries and applications. The extensive experience in design field has provided me insights and also helped appreciate the contribution of technology to optimize cost of manufacturing or construction.

Fascinated by the concept of 3D Printing technology, I started researching on 3D printing technology and came with an idea to put the knowledge gathered into good use for other interested readers through this website. The research findings along with my design experience should provide a value added insights to help readers make better informed decisions to buy most useful 3D Printers from the overwhelming lot.

The Website will provide in-depth detailed reviews of the best of 3D Printers evaluated against a set of functions which are critical for the application, budget, features, etc., enough to be clear before making that buying decision. The Reviews will also be detailed to the level possible to show the product without even buying one.

Readers will find the reviews easy to navigate with clear and concise table of contents, and quick links to quickly go to and fro between each section of the review without wasting time. The reviews are well supported with details of the product, Reviews from customers who have brought it, practical issues, and other important information.

Compare chart in the website will be a quick reference place for those who doesn’t want to get overwhelmed with lot of details and want to make a quick buying decisions.

The website will also host Buying advise and related articles for the readers to keep them updated on the Industry developments.

Overall, this website is intended to be one-stop information portal for 3D Printers and accessories with complete useful resources. So let the journey begin!!

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