Ultimate 3D Printer Reviews and Buying Guide

Hi! I am maddy and welcome to the result of my passion and extensive research on 3D Printers. This website is the place for detailed, well-researched 3D printer reviews along with useful buying advise to help you with choosing the best 3D printer for your needs.


Since long time, I have been very interested towards 3D printing technology. Being in Product and Project management profession, I was always wondering on the possibilities 3D Printing might open in the production, R&D and construction fields. I know for sure that 3D printing technology will surpass the prototyping applications and will revolutionize the production technology in a very near future.

I did spend lot of time and energy in researching different 3D printers and technologies over the last two years. It was only 6 months back I got an Idea to turn all my research into a website which can genuinely help other 3D printing enthusiasts choose the best and suitable 3D printer.

Since the beginning of this website, I have one goal in mind – to provide the most knowledgeable and detailed 3D Printer reviews that provides all the information for the buyers to make a completely informed decision. These reviews are not just ordinary reviews, these reviews are designed to give you clear mindset on the most important buying decision.

How 3D Printers are evaluated?

In 3D Printers, there are number of features, gadgets, functions, varieties than an ordinary product. So it needs utmost care while researching that not even a tiny but important data is missed. Following are the evaluation & research criteria that have been followed for all 3D Printer Reviews writing at Retnirp3D.

  • It might take years to research all 3D printers if I am to pick up just random one from the heap. So I have started picking up most popular and user rated 3D printers to start with review and working my way down.
  • Following sections are being outlined after a great deal of research and has been utilized for all the reviews
    • Build
    • Printing Quality
    • Printing Material
    • Software
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer support
    • Dimension
    • Features
    • Accessories
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Consumer Reviews
    • Price
  • All features of a product needs to be assessed from the usability point of view with value for price in mind.
  • The product is researched at multiple locations of sale in order to cross verify the facts and opinions.
  • Manufacturers of the product are directly contacted for any clarifications required.
  • News are being followed in the 3D Printing industry to keep the reviews up to date.

How to use Retnirp3D

1. 3D Printer Basics

If you are a beginner to 3D printers, we suggest that you use our articles in the website especially written for those who are new to 3D printing. We would especially recommend “Understanding 3D printers” series of articles to you to start with as below.

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The website also regularly brings buying tips, advises, technical articles, news etc., which can help the interested visitors with additional knowledge to make informed decision of buying. I will be updating this website on regular basis bringing you that best of the lot.

2. Reviews sorted by Budget

For those who have a particular price range in mind, the website menu has three sections:  Under $1000, $1000-$2000 and $2000+.

3. Compare 3D Printers Side-by-Side

Compare section in the menu will provide a comparison chart of all 3D printers that are reviewed in this website to give the visitors an overall picture. It can also act as the place from where you can select to see the detailed review of a particular 3D Printer further.

4. Follow us for updates

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